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Why Finedge?

Our present and former clients and employees could better answer the question "Why Finedge". Feel free to ask us for references.

Some of the reasons clients choose Finedge are:

We adapt to meet client needs:

In 2004, we basically had experience of outbound tele-calling. Hutch asked us to handle inbound calls. In less than 3 years, Finedge became their largest inbound partner nationally with 1700 agents, taking cost effective and quality calls – 100,000 a day. Testimonial from Hutch is enclosed.

We are trustworthy:

With two of our leading clients, Standard Chartered Bank and Hutch, we have had on line links with their data-base. With Hutch, Finedge even had limited rights to remove calling restrictions placed on consumers.

Our clients would testify to integrity as being one of our dominant attributes.

Our relationships are long term:

We have been working with ITC for the past 9 years, Vodafone (Hutch) 6 years and Reckitts 9 years. We worked with Dabur for 3 years, Standard Chartered Bank for 5 years and General Mills for 6 years.

Client First:

Even when an assignment ends, we put our clients need first as borne out by the smooth transition from us to in house by Dabur and Spectra-net.


We are transparent and open with our clients on our operations for them. If there is a problem they will not have to "discover" it. They will first hear about it from us.

Quality & Accuracy:

We are committed to quality and accuracy in reports and information. We consistently ranked high in quality as evident from the Hutch testimonial.

Testimonial from Standard Chartered Bank and Pepsi Testimonial are enclosed.

We contribute to client processes

We not only handle the assignment but try and contribute to the better of client processes. Testimonial from Standard Chartered Bank is enclosed.










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