Finedge Values

Our conduct is guided by the following values:

1. Customer Focussed

We believe that the customer is the centre of the economic system. We will do that little bit extra to try and anticipate and meet the requirement of our clients.

2.  Result Driven

We are passionately result driven.. We believe it is good to participate but better to win. We aggressively seek results and judge performance and people by results. A persons standing in the company is determined largely by the results he produces.

3.  Learning
We believe that we must continuously learn new skills and improve ourselves. Tomorrow must find us better than today.

4. Nurturing

We accept that it takes time for results and to produce champions and will invest in people and processes. But this is not a “forever process”. The learning and result curve must be upwards. After all, the primary relationship between the company and its constituents is economic not social.

5. Fair

We seek to be fair to all concerned and judge issues honestly and value integrity. This necessarily involves consistency and “one rule for all”.

6. Transparent

We are transparent in our approach with clients and employees.






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